How do I get my server to show up on the UK list?

For some reason it only shows on the American list.

Can I make it show up on both?

Where is your server hosted?


this is a known “problem” with the serverlist. The list sorts servers by their geographical distance (based on the IP) so your server shows up very late or if you live oversea, you probably don’t even see your server.
If you just want to show it in the uk, then one way around this would be to use a failover IP with different Geographical Data, however as far as I know no provider can provides a failover IP which is switchable to overseas.
So the only way to show a server in the uk is to host a second dedicated server on a server located in or near the UK.

Also showing the same server on both UK and America is simply not possible (without tricks like fake querys and server redirect).

I also don’t like this approach of the serverlist, as not all gamemodes or games depend on latency. There already were (old) complaints on the steam forums, however no statement from valve.

I may be wrong but isn’t this something to do with the server.cfg’s “sv_region” command? It should be set to “sv_region 3” for Europe although there isn’t just a UK option.

I don’t know if I’m on the right track here… :what: