How do I get nice looking lighting?

Not the shitty indoor ones, but I mean outside lighting. One example is Oskutin, his map is a tinted blue colour, some other maps like Mobenix have nice lighting, alot or all of the popular maps have good outside lighting.

So how do I get this? I don’t want to be releasing a shitty lighted map. Also, I’ve experimented with blocky maps for lighting, they’re just either very dull or somewhat look like fullbright.

All you need to know.

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The blue tint in oskutins maps are colour correction afaik.

Yeah, colour correction and fog.

Also, as awesome a site as Hourence’s is, it’s main focus is UT3Ed (the editor for Unreal Tournament 3)

That looks like an awesome book. Cheers for pointing it out. :smiley:

So how do I get Mobenix lighting? That bloom raping one.

HDR and the env_tonemap_controller entity.

Most likely leave out the env_tonemap_controller or ramp the bloom up stupidy high if you do add one.

Also, play with the lightmaps, that will give you sharper shadows and sharper edges on your light.

Note: this will make your filesize BIG, although it doesn’t matter much as todays computers and internet speed doesn’t have any problem downloading 100MB big files.

Also, add fog, and tonemap controller as the others stated. Make the light cold for that scary feeling, meaning more grayish/blueish. Add an env_sprite for the light source.

It does matter though, because it’s just adding unneeded data to the map. Nobody should have to download a 50mb map, when it could’ve been 10 if someone learnt to optimise properly.

If you play around with lightmaps you will notice that you can higher them as well, thus making an easier job for VRAD. Thus making the size of the file smaller and making the compiler take less time.

There’s a fine line for optimization. Too much and you’re unnecessarily downgrading performance and shadows for the sake of a faster compile, too little and you’re downgrading performance again and filesize.

Agreed, although I’ll gladly suffer long compile times if I know the end result is going to be great on performance and looks good.