How do i get npc's to play vcd?

Apologies if this is in the wrong section. I’m fairly new to gmod…

I’v got a vcd and iv got it in my scenes folder in gmod. The scene is of a tf2 soldier.

I can spawn a hwm soldier npc with actor manager but i cant work out how to get him to play the vcd file.

Help much appreciated!

Thanks :smiley:

Anyone? :frowning:

Can’t you look in the trainstation map of HL2 and see how they do vcd’s there? Then just simulate that by spawning the correct entities and such.

No idea, might want to look for some addons that might do it.

I think he means he wants to spawn it in game

@Donkie, thanks, but thats not exactly what i meant :stuck_out_tongue:

@facecardz, I can spawn the models, just dont know how to get the models to play the vcd. Iv tried the ent_fire command, with no luck:

ent_fire ‘name of actor’ setexpressionoverride ‘vcd’

Perhaps i need to name the model that iv spawned to match the name of the actor in the vcd? Anyone know how to do that?

I’m fairly sure the VCD’s need another entity, hence why I told you to look in the trainstation map. Then just spawn that special entity using ents.Create.

Sorted it. Had some commands wrong.

Thread can be locked now please.


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logic_choreographicscene for C++ NPCs.
**[NPC.PlayScene](** for SNPCs.