How do I get rag dolls to grab stuff

I’m a film maker that uses garrys mod for extra stuff and I have a question. Do any of you know how to pose a rag doll to grab something?

Finger poser?

I think he means if he were making a video to make it look like the ragdoll is picking it up, not like in a picture.

I remember in the machinima series Civil Protection the creator had the character hold a book and they said something about parenting it, but what the hell do I know?

I believe NPCs/ragdolls have “attachment points” in places like their hands and head for things like holding weapons, GMan’s briefcase and the beginning of HL2 where Barney wears the Civil Protection mask, though to use them you’d probably need to work some Lua wizardry

Expect Civil Protection wasn’t created in Gmod

Not really possible in real-time. Either use stop motion or two takes - One when the character reaches for something, second with that “something” welded to his hand and being picked up, making the illusion that the character actually grabbed it.