How do i get rid of blood?

I want to get rid of blood not because im a pussy but because garrys mod crashes when ever human blood appears, eg: when i shoot sum1,use an emmiter or get shot. If you could tell me how to get rid of blood then that would be great.

Rewrite all of the blood texture vmt files like so:

“$no_draw” “1”

Note that this only makes them invisible and your game may still crash.

Omg ty so much!!! It works now!!!

You must have a pretty bad computer :v:

That… made my fucking day.

do ya like waffles? ya we like waffles!

lol and yh its started crashing again now so blood obviuosly wasnt the answer =P

If your game crashes from blood, then you shouldn’t even be playing until you get a good computer.

Great new (for Me) At christmas (long time away but oh well) im getting a desktop instead of laptop so ill have a faster and better computer =P

So basically what you are saying is that if you don’t have a good computer, you shouldn’t play games?


When did I say that?

He shouldn’t be playing Gmod if his computer can’t even handle some blood. He can still try of course, but he won’t be able to do much anyways until he gets some upgrades.

But I’m sure he can play older games though.

oh well, i can kill vortiguant on gmod and zombies but thts about it without it crashing, the aamraam launcher (homing missiles) can kill anything without it crashing so im still happy =P