How do i get rid of the yellow cuboids surrounding props?

I know theres a way to change the settings, so they fade from a greater distance, but i don’t know how.

Thanks in advance.

Tools -> Options -> 3D Views -> Model Render Distance

Really, learn to use your brains.

Thanks, but theres no need to be rude.

you could always google it, it was mentioned before, so yes, there was.

He’s being realistic, not rude.

If he’s being “realistic” how can i learn if i am, according to him, incapable of using my brain?

Look. FP shouldn’t be your first thought when something goes wrong. You need to think about it. “Hmmn, when I get too far away from props they turn into yellow boxes. It must be a setting. Well… I found Tools->Options… And it only happens in the 3d view so maybe it’s under the 3d view tab. Oh hey “Model Draw Distance” is set real low, what happens if I set it to the max and hit apply? Holy crap it works!”

Took me longer to type out than it would have to thought it out. And you won’t make it as a mapper if you have to sit here and ask instead of trying.

Yer, but i’m lazy.

I don’t want to start a pointless fight, that will eventually result in us both getting banned.

Next time, i’ll look around, instead of asking for help straight away.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks whoever gave the polite/nice/friendly :smiley:

I never understand these types of threads… There is a Question Megathread thread right above you

those stickies need to be in red a lazy yellow doesnt really grab my attention

You know, it takes longer to make a thread and wait for a response, than it does to just randomly click around and look at different options.


Let this thread die already!!!

Unfortuantely, you can’t make a good map and be lazy :saddowns:

That, or google…

Don’t be a douche Jukka