How do i get Rust++ to work on my new server?

hello i have just got a new rust server called [EU] batman cookies for flappy birds PVP 24/7
and i want RUST++ so i can enable kits and door sharing so i use TCadmin control panel i install rust++ and when im in server i type /help and nothing happens except it shows in side chat has there been an update on rust in the past 4 hours
btw i have run steam updater, rust++ patch 1 and 2 but still no dice if anyone can help me i would be extremely great full. PS sorry for the horrible English gramma :wink:

server ip@
press F1 in rust and imput - net.connect

You need to login as an admin when you join the server

F1 – rcon.login your rcon password set in your cfg file

Then you can run admin commands

i can already run commands like give people items but i want it so people type/ share /help/kit

who is your service provider? and if you have already installed rust 1.5.1 and u have leatherloader installed remove the leather loader as 1.5.1 does not require this to work anymore.

Door sharing is possible in-game, unless you are set on using the /share command I wouldn’t recommend using that plugin.

i use nitrous network
on the mod page i can have rust++, oxide, or rust essentials

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also you need to stop your server install the mod then restart the server.

go with essentials, everything works and combines all features of rust++ and oxide.

ok so stop the server, go to mod manager uninstall rust++.
Then click game services at the side, click mod manager again reinstall rust++.
To comfirm that it is installed go to file manager
Click the rustPP folder
should see somthing like rust++.cfg and rust++old.cfg. You can edit all the kits on the normal cfg not the olkd cfg. the starter kits its near the bottom. you just need to type in item4_name=Cooked Chicken breast then under that type item4_amout=3 at the start of the kits u need to type how many items u give so 3would give the first 3 items in the list change it to 4 and the chicken will be included etc.
If this file is not here (the cfG) u need to go back to mod manager and make sure leather loader is uninstalled. then it should be there.

once that cfg is there, start ur server up and rust ++ should be enabled. All the edits to the mod is done in that cfg file like advertisements and motd etc

why even help him when he is obviously too arrogant or lets call it ignorant to read through the readme or the original thread?

your lazyness pisses me off Elliscrane

few problems hector 1 there is no rustpp folder i followed your instructions and in the mod manager there is no leather loader

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try untinstalling the mod and reinstalling. seems thats why its not working because the folder is not being created - in the fie manager you should have 2 main folders myserverdata and the rustpp

Hello, I have bought a Rust server on exactly the same host and I have exactly the same problem which seems more than a coincidence with this host. The host have turned the phone off, we cant get anyone in chat and the supprot is useless, they just reply saying quote, “fixed” when it never is. Thinking of complaining and getting money back if we can’t find get any support. This forum however looks amazing. At the moment I have reinstalled rust++ on numerous occassions, even deinstalling and running a Steam update first. I however don’t have a rustpp folder, I have a serverdata and rust_server_Data folder on the root, but no rustpp or myserverdata. The only rust++ config file I can anywhere is in the \save\rustPP folder that does exist, but this is rustPP.cfg, NOT rust++.cfg and doesn’t appear to do anything at all. Any help would be much appreciated as I am now totally stuck in the same situation, MANY THANKS!

look into that cfg and tell me what is in it. as im with a different provider than yourself so the folders might be named differently

hello i finally got rust++ working by following these steps thanks to KG Hector for the help but still i only have these folders click link to see i have no rustpp or myserverdata just rust server data click link to see picture.

i really want to make a custom loadout on the starter option

Thanks for the help, I haven’t got it work yet, but the host is now offerring help to reinstall from scratch with rust++ working for me.

glad i could be of help. in the rust cfg fileyou will find a section for the starter should look somthing like

item1_name=Stone Hatchet
item2_name=Sleeping Bag

now that is the basic default setup for the starter kit. If you wish to customize this then all you need to do is add to this. ( remeber to save the file after you have done and this requires a SERVER RESTART to take effect)

so for example on my server i have a few more things i have added it looks somthing like this

item1_name=Stone Hatchet
item2_name=Sleeping Bag
item4_name=Cooked Chicken Breast
item5_name=Wooden Shack
item6_name=Wood Door

having this in that cfg. when in server you type /starter it will give you

1 stone hatchet, 1 sleeping bag, 1 wooden shack, 1 wood door, 3 bandages and 3 cooked.
now you can have what ever you want in the starter kit but it must be exactly what its called in game with capital letters. and u need to set the top items. further up in the cfg is a starter kit delay section its default is 1800 seconds, this can also be changed

the only thing in the cfg folder is a text document called server.cfg which contains this click on link

aye thats ur servers cfg not the rust++ cfg

so do you have any idea on how i can make my own custom load out cause there is no rustpp but rust ++ is working in game?