How do I get Rust?

I just found out about this game and how do I get a key? I mean can I buy it because that’s no problem. I just really want the game and I’m not sure how to get it!

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I see a ban in your future.

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Read the sticky.

You don’t.

You weren’t supposed to tell him.

Reported for spam

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Crap - he might stop asking for a Rust key. What have you done!

His 1. post was begging and his second one was “c:”…
I don’t get it O.o

the ban is strong within you

You’ve gotta wait for open beta. Hopefully, Garry will release it soon :slight_smile:

Read the sticky

Somebody said that the open beta will be coming out in 1-2 weeks, but it’s just a rumor.

I don’t know why everyone is being d1ck about it…respect the new members dumb fuks. You were new too at some point.

To get to your question, currently there are no ways to get a key. Usually, if you read the sticky of each forum section, you will see the latest and most important announcements about a particular section (in this case the game Rust). Stickies are usually at the top of each section, and they are highlighted yellow. Cheers and welcome to the forums.

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That’s what he gets for not reading the stickys, when I was new I read them and I’m fairly certain 90% of everyone else did to.

Just because hes new doesn’t mean to ignore sticky posts lol. It’s explained really, when they get their invites to read all the sticky notes.

Welcome to Facepunch, where everyone will be hostile against you if you will not read a sticky post before making your own. :~)

Some people don’t know how to navigate through forums (I know this because I have been a moderator on 3 different forums previously). Despite that, you need to be nice to people so other people are nice towards you too.

Facepunch is not a generic forum. Keep that in mind.

I agree with you, he should deal with the consequences and I’m not arguing about that. I just don’t understand why everyone has to insult him just because he’s new.