How do I get started in Machinima?

I would like to learn how to make some good movies. I have good story’s to tell, I just don’t know what to use. I am looking into getting Fraps and I have photoshop CS3. I am not a good editor, but I can learn. My computer is decent enough to handle games.

Start by writing scripts, learn your filming and editing limits.

Baby steps, my friend, baby steps. :eng101:

Well first you need to go to the right sub-forum, which is called videos in the screenshots and movies aditional options.

Thank you, and gtanoofa, I am in the right place. I am in Screenshots and Videos. I am not in the videos because I am not posting a video, so I am in the general section.

I don’t have anything to film or edit with. Where should I start there?

also,start watching good machinimas to inspire you,like DasBoSchitt’s stuff on youtube

But whatever you do, don’t make another Dr. Hax parody. Copycats ran that into the ground.

Well, that depends on the way is wants to go.

There are good serious machinimas like “Shelf Life” with a deep story and nice faceposing/animations and of course the comedy machinimas of BoSchitt or Djy1991


I like a little serious but BoSchitt has inspired me for like a year now and I would like to start making something. I am mostly aiming for the comedy genre.