How do I get started with creating Mods for Rust?

As the title suggests, I am interested in making mods for Rust but I don’t exactly know where to start. Also what language is commonly used?

Hi dude! Basicly rust use C# or JavaScripts.
Guys, we want to made our whitelist but cant figure out how to do this.
I know c# language and have some experience with Unity3d. But how to made mod file? I think i need to make some library (dll) and then copy that in “server_data\mods” without .dll? I was try this but it does not work.

thx for any replay and sorry for my bad english ^^

It depends on what language and mod loader you want to use.

If you want to code a plugin in lua, you would use Oxide’s modding API.
If you want to code a plugin in C#, you would use LeatherLoader and go bare bone (no API/documentation, only trial and error). This is where you get the “mods” folder and _mod file from.
If you want to code a plugin in JavaScript, I wouldn’t be the one to know. I know some guys in the modding community are working on an API for JS rust modding. When that comes out, you could use it.

I’m probably gonna help out the guys on the JavaScript project or make a modding tutorial for C#. Haven’t decided.

Big thx dude!
Can u explain a little, what is “bare bone” and how to work with LeatherLoader?

The Rust++ team is working on a Javascript API called Magma. Should be ready soon :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, if im correct, lua is just simpler java, so i guess i can work with that, otherwise i guess i can search/wait for some API in JavaScript

Hey, as soon as you get that up, I will gladly use it, because i love using java (because it is about the only language i know, 4 years of using it)

Hey guys! What im doing wrong?
Server doesnt see my MonoBehaviour)

dmn guys, i know, my script works fine.
I think i use wrong type of library in VS2012 project? what execly should i use?

anyway, thx for any replay ^^