How do i get the best fps possible from my computer?? Help

I have a Fairly decent computer to play games on
8gb Ram
64 bit operating system
Intel® Core ™ i-5 3330 CPU @ 3.00 GHz
Windows 8
I get only like 15 fps with all the setting down and it is almost unplayable
I have tried this suggestion and i had no luck
I have also disabled grass in game to try to reduce lag

Is there anything else i can do to get better frames, so i can enjoy the game to the fullest
Pleas help,


Try another browser (Mozilla if you’re using Chrome, and viceversa)

If this doesn’t work, wait for Steam release.

I did that and had no luck :frowning:

What video card do you have?

geforece gt 610

Shouldn’t have too much of a problem =/ It varies from PC to PC I think dude. Try using different browsers, updating video card drivers, experiment a little!

ll try

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s there any known way to fix the lag issues

Use the Nightly web browser

If you press f1 and type “grass.on false” it helped my fps loads. Basically it just turns off all that annoying grass.

As a general note about that card… the way nVidia classifies its graphics cards indicates that the 610-650 cards are “Entertainment Class” graphics cards and are not, strictly speaking, optimized for gaming (the 610 least of all). If you want good gaming performance, make sure you’re getting an nVidia card where the last non-zero number is a 6 or above, even a GTX460 (two generations older) would outperform that 610 by a mile in terms of gaming performance.