How do I get the game?

I am willing to pay for a key. I want to play this game and hope to show him some bugs that he can fix to make the game better.

Read this pls:
1.U cant buy a key, but u can buy gold member and u have a chance of getting a key there.
2.Enter the current contest of drawing to get a key.
3.Everyone wants to play the game

Well you can try entering in the “Draw us a picture” contest and get it that way. Other than that, I wouldn’t try asking around for one. It will most likely end in a ban.

okay thanks guys and how do i buy a gold member?

get out, all of you

Hey Lord, enable private messages.

What did I do? I am trying to help someone and I am told to get out? Guess I can’t be friendly or helpful to anyone these days.