How do i get Things like the youtube player into my map?

The tite holds my Question (…)

How do i get Things like the you tube player into my map?
What should i use for Gmod HL2 EP2 is what i have heard is good to use
But how to i get Custom things like the you tube player into maps without spawning them ( meaning you dont spwan them they are there from the start of the map )


I am asking " How do i get Custom content into my maps? " I guess i should have been more clear in the title. - Bump

Your request isn’t clear. Is the youtube player a SENT or similar?

I think he means for like GM Tower, they have a Youtube player in the movie theator and inside the homes.

If your looking to do that, you’ll need Lua, and you can just follow Metallics link.

Yea bascily

" How do i get custom props into my map like the youtube player "

I’ll try that link.

It’s not a prop, it’s lua and it’s very hard to do if I remember correctly.

There’s an addon on which does this, just download it and then do what metallic’s link says.

Mhh :l

What about this jukebox?

Would i be able to easyly get it into my map ?

I am working on A Diner like thing ( I dont know the Proper name )


What addon would this be?

Name ? or can you think of a name like it if you forget?

Thats what im trying to get INTO my map…

…Damn, sorry :frowning:

Do as the link tells you then, if you havn’t already


Metallics link

i cannot get this to work can some body Help me i put a Prop_static
and i cannot find out how to make the youtube player or any other custom things ( Like the jukebox ) To ^%%# work

Im using the orange box HL:EP



I found this and is related to my prob however they dont explan where the heck i put the Models or materials EXACLY

I looked around in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps()()()()()()()()\half-life 2 episode two\ep2
But im confused as hell


Can anyone please help me get the stuff added into the Prop list ? am i not being clear ?

I still really need help!

get the info tool and click on the youtube player.
then in hammer, turn off smart edit and make an ent called the same thing

Are you sure that will work? Cause when you spawn multiple youtube players, they all seem to act diffrent.
I think it is all coded as an instances, wich all directs the players by indivually.

Take the .mdl file and all the other files in that folder, drop them into the same hierarchy (if the models are in /models/fo3models/jukebox.mdl -not really, just an example) then create a new folder in your ep2/models folder as fo3models, and then toss all the files in there. Then do the same thing with your materials. It should appear in the model browser.

i will try all the stuff in the morning when i am up
I’ll let you know if any of it works :l

Ok, download the sent (scripted entity) that you want from, then install that normally to gmod as directed. Now, leave that alone. Open hammer, and go to your map. Now go to the entity tool and place an entity where you want the jukebox, it doesn’t matter which entity. Now double click that entity, and click the smart edit button to turn off smart edit. Now click where the entity type is, for example info_player_start, and change that to the name of the folder with your sent’s lua files inside it. In hammer the entity will say OBSOLETE but ignore that, and compile your map. Now if you open it in gmod with the sent installed it should be there.

Thankyou, this has been snakeface, your guide to obscure and badly written mapping help.

It’s a wiki, if you think it’s badly written, redo it yourself, although you just seemed to paraphrase it.

Never even looked at the link, typed that up myself, was referring to my bad writing rather than the wiki. :stuck_out_tongue: