How do I get this effect?

essentially, how do i create the effect on the picture of the bottle below? (i’m using blender btw)

if you can, keep it simple please, i’m just starting out on this stuff :huh:
[sp]also if i wasn’t supposed to post a new thread and there’s a “modelling question” thread of sorts, please point me in that direction![/sp]

I’d like to know as well, the effect would probably be created by a diffuse texture, like Kleiner’s magnifying lamp, or the frosted glass doors in the HL2 apartments.

I can look into it through the texture files from Half-Life 2 and see what gives it that effect, give me a few minutes.

Isn’t it a shader effect though?

The shader is called Refract if that’s what you’re talking about. It can be used for things such as transparent distortions, which in that case is the magnifying glass.

sorry for not clarifying, i meant how the cylinder curves into the square shape :wavey:

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(although the shader info is helpful, thanks!)

So, what you want to know is actually ‘how to 3d model a similar shape where there’s a transition from cylinder to a more blocky shape’ ?

pretty much, yeah

Start off with a cylinder, extrude it and scale to the generic shape, align the verts on the part that is supposed to be square, use chamfer to smooth out edges and use setflow to fix weird edges between the transition.


Just noticed you said blender, no idea what alternative to setflow would be.

Added better pic.