How do I get this game without steam?

I don’t use steam, but all the links I see for getting it appear to use only steam. How do I get this game without using steam?

P.S.: the username field is too small. I couldn’t fit even the smallest variations of any of the standard names I use in games. My shortest variant, DarknessReaver, is one character too long, and there’s nothing I can do to shorten it and still be able to remember what it is.

Then come out of your CD cave and get a steam account. You aint no getting rust without it.

There’s literally no reason not to use Steam. You get a buttload of discounts, installing and buying stuff is easy, plus all the free to play games out there. It gives you all the benefits you’d want.

you asked for it im sorry

Rust is currently only available on Steam. There is no other option.

You can buy Rust on the Humble Store and have part of the proceeds go to charity, but they will give you a Steam key to redeem and play on Steam. You need Steam to play Rust.

Unless you’re living on the end of a copper wire and your internet is 56k dialup, I don’t understand your reluctance to install Steam. It’s quite literally the best game distribution and maintenance platform out there.

Your options are simple - install Steam, or you don’t get to play Rust.

There are still people in this world that don’t use steam?

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The username you create to login won’t be the name people see. You can change your name to anything anytime you want, and the character limit is actually really big. My full steam name is ‘Thor-axe the Impaler’ and I can still fit probably 6 or 7 more characters into it.

Then just write down your log-in info and keep it in your wallet or purse. The benefits of using steam are so massive compared to the grain of sand excuses you have.

What above said, just make an account with any name and then chance it once your in the client.

im feeling someone may want to hax

wtf really man the only one out there that does not use steam