how do i get this game????????????????????

how do i get this game???

(User was banned for this post ("Calm down..." - PLing))

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky/ban history" - postal))


what’s your IQ

Read the sticky

i just decided to google it

after days ago seeing 7 days to die then looking at rhinocrunch videos and he was saying that game looked similar to rust and stuff… so here i am

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you still won’t answer what your IQ is will you

for the chance you are in the 95s zone

I put a key just for you here, Ignore what everyone else says. Rhinocrunch was right. Game is great, Read this for key. Read all of it.

Amazing, another one of these guys AND he thinks IQ means jack shit.

so it’s clear that you all have anger issues possibly due to parental neglect and/or abuse

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" cartman300 - 9 Minutes Ago

Have fun being banned, i hope you enjoy it with your "high" IQ. :P "

i just got messaged

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i just logged on this site after a few YEARS… without any knowledge of rust other then mentions from videos of another game

without any experience of the site format in a while

and people make threats and sladerous remarks

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you call me an idiot which is SLANG used by the unintelligent and low educated populous and you could not understand there is different situations to everyone who posts on the forums

you are unintelligent if you want to troll my thread

I thought people were overstating how bad the rust subforum was. Wow I was wrong.

I MIGHT AS WELL UPDATE SOME INFO WHILE I AM HERE since i have not been on here in a long time

And you are supposedly intelligently superior? Oh please, Stop doing this you are making a fool out of yourself