How do I get workshop score?

As you can tell by my last post I’ve been trying to get s&box early access but I need this “workshop score” how do I get that

How about we try the search functionality first


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How much workshop score do you have? As long as you have literally more than 1 you should be able to get S&box at a reasonable time, you said you already made some addons, assuming they aren’t just dupes or saves all is good, just be patient.

You have to send a letter to Garrysmod HQ addressed to Garry Newman and request the points manually. Once the points are obtained you have to purchase ‘Garry Keys’ which are used to unlock numerous ‘Garry Crates’, all of which are on the Steam community market place and potentially contain access to S&box. Once you are lucky enough to open a crate containing a S&box key, you then redeem it in your steam client and then wham bam thank you ma’am, bobs your uncle.


I did try searching and there was nothing at least for me

Thank you for the answer I have commit arson thanks :pray:t3: I wouldn’t have learned if you weren’t here