how do i give a smoke grenade a trail or object that follows it?

if you play Deathrun servers in Counter-strike: Source, you probably know what i mean, usually thers a hidden or hard to get to grenade (usually smoke or flash). the grenade will either have a lazer trail or object, like pacman head, or snowman head. how do i do this in hammer? i tried making the grenade a parent of the brushes of the object i wanted to move with the grenade, but that didnt work. does anyone know what to do? Thanks in advance.

Parent the object to the grenade weapon.

thanks, also do you knowhow to make wind start when a button is pressed?

Just trigger it to start using the I/O system.

which input do i use?

none of those seem to make sense to me, but then again i dont know all that much, im still learning.

use trigger_push

thanks. ill try that now. and your avatar made me laugh…with the imagae and you post combined.