How do I give a weapon an icon ?

Hey guys, do you ave any ideas, on how do I give an icon to a weapon on Garry’s Mod [The scrool menu]

I tried with the Vtf and Vtm but I don’t really know, I think that maybe the path for the Vmt file is maybe not the good so yeah can someone help me ?

Anyone ?


Edit: This is still the right answer


He said the one you scroll with.

:snip: misread

Your controls are wrong. Source has that weapon selection menu with scrolling by default.

So what do I do ?

:snip: wrong answer

Thanks mate

:snip: I’m dumb

Can you send me the link of this addon so I can decompile it and see what’s up with mine

:snip: I’m dumb

Just putting the materials in your materials folder won’t automatically set the weapon icon you know.

Why don’t you take a look yourself instead of disagreeing with my first post and giving the OP incorrect info? He’s said many times he wants to change the weapon icon in the weapon selection menu. :DrawWeaponSelection is the only way to do this with the default menu and every SWEP that has a custom icon either sets .WepSelectionIcon to a texture (which is drawn by the default :DrawWeaponSelection) or overrides :DrawWeaponSelection (look at the source! :hammered:).

Edit: Wasn’t expecting that - thanks :slight_smile:

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