How do i give people perma entities on poinshop

How do i give people entities on poinshop, when they have the item equiped (not 1 time use)

I plan putting ( angel wings ) as a permanent poitshop perk XD
but you know… im stupid Xd

Wow, when you thought this section couldn’t get any worse.
This is not a request forum, we only help the actual developers.

It’s not a request from what I understand, he was asking how it would be done, a question which should always be answered in a forum dedicated to helping people develop, because how can people develop if they don’t know where to start, or which method they would use to carry out a given idea.

I want to develop, but all the times i ask something, NOONE gives an answer .
They are all like ( This is not the place, youre stupid learn to code or pay me and ill do so )
I dont even know why i still ask stuff on facepunch, this place is full of dicks you know xd

By the way, i only know how to mess with hardware and want to learn software …

90% of chance of getting banned for this post, but meh …

Hi Thales. Don’t worry there are always good people. Just try to keep your post on the first page and I am sure people will read and reply! Not everyone who views has the experience to answer so I usually add something like " all suggestions are welcome!". Sorry I can’t help with your goal but I wished to let you know people are here to help too! ^^





I know this doesn’t belong here, but you have disabled private and profile messages: My name isn’t Jake, it’s James.

In the item file, do you have ITEM.SingleUse defined and set to true? If so, this will make it so you can only buy it once. Otherwise, it will automatically save it using whatever provider you use and equip it upon spawn. This is assuming you have actually set up the item file, not just made a player equip it through some external means.

i tried using the same code for perma weapons , but i need to change giveweapon to some way to give a ent