How do i go about installing gm_bass ?

I am making my own radio for my community and i have no idea how i install gm_bass . What files do i need and where do they go? I have tried some things but all i get is this :

error loading module 'bass' from file 'c:\program files\steam\steamapps\*********\garrysmod\garrysmod\lua\includes\modules\gm_bass.dll':
	The specified module could not be found.

thanks :slight_smile:



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Use google, it took me 30 seconds when I was looking for it.

Have fun telling your “community” to install any dlls they are probably all afraid of VAC.

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People don’t want 12 year old kiddys like you who don’t know how to spell in threads like this when you obviously don’t know how to the question that was asked. Please just leave this thread if you aren’t going to contribute anything important …

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And i have googled this , all i found was a thread : didnt give me anything important.

People aren’t dumb you know, I can use google, and so can other people so why bring it up >.>

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Thanks for seeing my point of view huyu :slight_smile:

gm_bass is something for developers, so if you don’t know how to install this or how to use it then you should not use it. If you want a radio I have one for you, look at the code if you want to know how to use/install the dlls: