how do i hack models together and add body groups?

hello, can somebody please send me a tutorial on how to hack models together and how to add body groups please?

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can somebody tell whats the problem here instead of rating dumb?

Go look up a tutorial or something, show some initiative.

this is what i meant, i couldn’t find it since i cant search stuff on facepunch, thank you

For bodygroups, the .qc code goes something like this:

$bodygroup example - The name of the bodygroup

studio “example.smd” - The name of the specific .smd that the bodygroup uses for the inital subgroup. You need at least two .smds for the bodygroup function to actually work.

studio “example2.smd” - A second .smd the bodygroup uses as an alternate subgroup. You can have more than two .smds/subgroups, but two are need for the darned thing to actually work.

blank - The .qc command that creates another ‘subgroup’ where neither the initial subgroup nor any optinal subgroups are rendered.

I’ll give a few examples of how to set the bodygroup commands out in the .qc:

Chest Armour

$bodygroup chest
studio “chest_with_no_armor.smd”
studio “chest_with_light_armor.smd”
studio “chest_with_heavy_armor.smd”
studio “chest_with_super_armor.smd”

Weapon Optics

$bodygroup sights
studio “ironsights.smd”
studio “laser_dot.smd”
studio “holo.smd”
studio “acog.smd”
studio “telescope.smd”

Weapon magazines

$bodygroup ammo
studio “magazine.smd”
studio “extended.smd”