How do I have consistent hands while compiling a custom SWep base / list for a gamemode?

I’m making a gamemode based around the great war, and have compiled a handful of models from gamebanana from CS:S which uses those dumb fingerless gloves, and DoD:S, which uses two types of gloves.

What are my options for having consistent hands in the gamemode? Can I somehow use serverside only replacement hand skins that all appear very visually similar? I’m not overly concerned with the models hand and having ultra high quality, however I would like them to at a glance look consistent.

You could draw over the hands using Lua, however, I would just recompile all of the models to be c_models.

Okay, what exactly would recompiling them as c_models do? Explain like I’m 5, i’m clueless about this stuff. I’m assuming it would preserve the animations, which is important.

This page should assist you greatly:

At the bottom of the page, some example models are included. In short, you’re basically taking the viewmodel, packing it with the animations, and removing the hand “model,” but preserving the skeleton.

Thank you very much!