how do i head hack?

im trying to get a head from one model to another i got all the tools and crap just wondering how to do it someone plz help sorry if this has been posted before ^^


Hey I get this error when I try to open it:

Any idea whats up?

i havent used that bit yet sorrys make a seperate post a bout itor google it

np ^^

put your studiocompiler.exe and studiomdl.exe (and any other exe files that are in your sdk/bin folder) in your sdk/bin/ep1/bin folder and it will fix that error, then your will get the gameinfo 211 thing for which you must go to your garrysmod/garrysmod folder open the file called gameinfo.txt, alter the “211” to “-211” then save, then it will work (you will have to ammend this every time you load the game as this file will be regenerated as new).

After that it should work fine, appart from if you haven’t set up your sdk correctly.

All that isn’t needed, Silver Spirit.

Make a shortcut to StudioCompiler.exe and open its properties.
Go to target and after StudioCompiler.exe add the line -nosteam.
That should do the job.

That doesn’t work when I try it. Though personally I don’t use StudioCompiler for compiling, I use studiomdl with a shortcut which i drag and drop my qc files onto, its much easier ^^

I use GUIStudioMDL for compiling.

Don’t. It fucks up your models really badly. When I was using it, none of my models would work correctly in the old source engine (that’s in gmod9 for example) and it would often fuck up some texture paths somehow, making the models unhexable.

I haven’t had any problems with it.

Did you try using any ragdolls compiled with it in the old source engine?

The Episode 1 engine?

I believe that’s what it’s called now, yes.

A few. No problems.