How do I hex a texture?

Ok so I want to get the cs:s desert eagle texture and make it gold. But I want to hex that texture for the same model so I can make it a separate swep. How do I do this?

You don’t hex a texture, you hex the model. You can simply give the texture another name.

I know that. Let me make my post make more sense. I can hex a model fine, but how do i make it have another texture that does not replace the default texture? Example: have a normal coloured desert eagle and have a golden desert eagle.

Let’s use an example.

Let’s say the material is materials/models/cocksex/, and inside is cockass.vmt and cockass.vtf. Rename “cocksex” to “cacksex” or something, then open “cockass.vmt” and change the line “materials/models/cocksex” to “materials/models/cacksex”. Then, browse to “models/cocksex/” and change it to “models/cacksex” or wherever your model you’re hexing is, and open the .mdl file in XVI32. At the very top, change the line “models/cocksex” to “models/cacksex” and go all the way to the bottom and change “materials/models/cocksex” to “materials/models/cacksex.”


Ok thanks!