How Do I Hex Things?

Not sure about making the title right but since I’ve been bored and not wanting to replace some models that I like I’ve been wanting to know how to hex things, pretty much making another copy of the same thing but having different textures and all. Like right now I’m wanting to hex a coach model but I don’t know how so please can any one tell me how to hex things :slight_smile:

Can’t you google it or use the search function. There’s a ton of tutorials on Facepunch for hexing.

Hmm lets see the search function doesn’t work and I think Facepunch would be a better place to ask. And yes I’m lazy to google.

Its not really hexing but… you can decompile a model and and texture it with your new texture and recompile it as a different name does the same job… and better I think… use Softimage XSI Modtool 7.5 and I can help you… Try that ^^