How do i hide DCollapsibleCategory?

function GM:RPGangTab()
	local basepanel = vgui.Create("DPanelList")
	basepanel:EnableVerticalScrollbar( true )
		function basepanel:Update()
			local gangcreate = vgui.Create("DCollapsibleCategory")
		gangcreate:SetLabel("Gang Create")
		local ActionsPanel = vgui.Create("DListLayout")
		gangcreate:SetVisible( false ) 

Any 1 got any clue how hide the gangcreate? You were given a reply in your previous thread.

Tested and dident work.
And just becus some 1 reply dosent mean it works.

Just because it doesn’t work, don’t mean you need to create another thread.

I dident mean to create a another thread.
I created this 1 then when the other guy posted i realised that i had that 1.
If i cod removed it i wod but its allredy to late.
Pless donnt turn this into a troll thread.

How do you accidentally hit New Topic and then you type what you posted in this thread :v:

I forgot i had the other thread and i never said i accidentally created a new topic i creat it then after he posted i rember that i had the other 1.
Donnt troll pless.

Your grammar is trolling my mind.

I remember the Bad Spelling rating :v: