How do I hide the gravgun blast?

Alright, I’m trying to make a small movie based on youtube’s constant change of looks.

What I’m trying to do is launch a computer out of a skyscraper window with the gravgun. Viewing through a camera on the ground level.

My problem is when I fire the gravgun, an orange beam is emitted from the camera as if it were first person.

Is there a way to disable the orange blast from the gravgun?

I think the blast has a specific material, if you could locate it and just drag and drop it onto your desktop (so that it’s removed from your garrysmod directory) then it shouldn’t appear.

Otherwise, try doing something else for the scene.

You could otherwise throw the monitor out using the physgun, and make it hide the beam.

I’m not sure how to do that either,

though a possible solution: You could freeze your monitor out of view of the camera, attach a super powerful invisible elastic from the screen to a new object outside the window. (Do not attach to a wall or map object or adv.Dupe won’t reattach the elastic when respawning)

Before you test it, adv.Dupe the object.
Switch to camera view, record, let elastic fly.

Paste adv.Dupe with original angles and original location activated, tweak elastic settings or object placement and try again.