How do I Import Custom Animations to my Ragdolls?

I have the animation made in 3DS Max, how do I get it into Gmod so I can get my models to do the animation I want, What do I use and what do I export the animation out as? The animation just needs to be the bones of the model I need right?

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Animations… for a ragdoll?


NPC, ragdoll, whatever.


They said to come here because the LUA section is where I learn the tools to get them to use these animations.

To make them use animations you just use

[lua]self.Entity:CapabilitiesAdd( Add stuff here )[/lua]

Here is a list of known capabilities that i use.



Oh wait, sorry these are pre-defined capabilites, I think you would use

and what do I do with this line of code that you’re showing me?

Well first of all you may want to use this to make your animations, and then set them using the above functions.

It depends what you want to use them for, if for a NPC go to the modelling section

I make my animations using 3DS Max. After I export the animation out as SMD, what do I do with it afterward? When I recompile the Qc file, what do I do with the SMD I exported out?

This is modelling stuff, not lua stuff. you will need to edit the .qc file

I have been able to Compile the QC, what do I do with it after I compile it?