how do i import GCF game files to a custom config?

I have a custom game configure. Like you know how there is CSS and Half Life mapping options? I made my own garrusmod option, (programfiles86/steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod
I was told thatthat is the correct location. Right?
well I asked how do I import my garrysmod files so I can map correctly, and the said something about importing the GCF files to it. Can someone directly trellis me how to do this?

Use an existing config (such as css or ep2)…its far less pain and less to go wrong.

Use gcfscape to extract the files and put them in the models/materials folders in the dir.

Open the .GCF using GCFScape (you can download it online)

Open “counter-strike source shared.gcf”
Grab the models and materials folders and put them in your garrysmod/garrysmod folder.

You didn’t need to make a new thread, you could of used your old one, or even used the 2 question mega threads.

I am sorry about that.