How do I import models into Garrys Mod?

I have the one from steam that you pay for. I can’t figure out where to put the files. These are ones downloaded from this site. They have models and materials folders.

First, get your finger out of your nose… Then, try gmod/models? and materials into gmod/materials/models?

What are you talking about?

That doesnt work, they dont show up in GMod


Im basically just trying to get the models I downloaded from this site to work in Gmod. I have no interest in making my own, I just want to use ones that others have made.

Umm, are they in raw (.smd) or normal, compiled state (.mdl)?

If you’ve downloaded from off or similar, they’re probably already compiled and you just need to either stuff them to their corresponding models/ and materials/models folders or into the addons-folder, depending if it’s an addon. If it’s an addon the folder inside the .rar should hold a text file called addoninfo.

Did it not come with readme, by the way?


Also, they won’t show right away if they’re just models, you probably need to use the ingame model browser to search them.

How do you get to the in game browser? I remember how before the update but now I cant find the icon.

I believe there should be a Browse-tab there now.

I see the browse tab but it only lets me browse withing the games content that is pre loaded. It wont let me access the folder where the models are in garrysmod/garrysmod/models


I need help importing my model i have made into Garrysmod.

This is a picture of it.

I can export into .3ds or whatever but i don’t know how to get it into Garrysmod.

I have tried a tutorial for putting models into css but studio compiler and all those tools just give me a library error. I’m not thick. I just don’t know any further.

Yours, Aaron.

I too am having the same problem. I’m trying to use LuigiMario’s Link Brawl model, and i have done literally everything. I pasted all the files in models folder into the models folder in garry’s mod, i pasted all the materials in a created models folder as well as the materials folder itself, i pasted the info into the addons, pasted ALL the files from ALl the folders into addons, and the root directory for gmod.

laughs perhaps i put too many of the same files in gmod. I did get farther than before, though- there is a Brawl Link folder, with all the files i should be able to use, but there are only red errors. i tried that whole Tortoise shit, had no idea what to do depsite the tutorials, and still, no Link :frowning:

I would really appreciate if somone could either tell me my problem, or explain what to do with LuigiMario’s brawl models from the start.

I am sorry if this is very noob-ish, repetitive, whatever. If the search worked on here i’d be able to find some kind of tutorial, but really, there’s not much out there for a new Gmod user.

A most definite fix…
Ok every one i know what it like to not have working models!
when you download your model it comes in a .ZIP or .RAR or something compressed.
1- un zip file… i use 7zip its free and awesome

2- make sure the file is direct, (test it by clicking on the folder you downloaded, not the zip, and check if it has another folder in it with a similar name, if so click it once and cut then paste it out side of folder)

3-reopen folder you just pasted and check for a file caled “info.txt”
if you dont have it make one very simple

new txt called info

paste this in

“name” “addon”
“version” “1.0”
“author_name” “xxxx”

"info"		"Addon"

"override"	"0"

4- now save and copy the whole folder into C:\steam\steamapps"your name"\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons