How do I import .OBJ to SFM?

Hi, I’m in need of some help of how I can import .obj models like this Desmond Miles into Source Filmmaker.

You can’t. You have to import files just like you would do the same in games like Half life 2 and Gmod. And the files have to be in a special format so you need to convert the file. No idea if there’s such an converted though so good luck finding something like that.

You need to export the file as a .smd, code a QC for it then compile it into a .mdl file. THEN you can open it in SFM.

you can’t
Source Filmmaker leads .mdl file for model

you need to import .obj to 3D program (i prefer for 3D Max) then export to .smd, and make a code for .qc file then compile with GUIStudioMDL, its will make .mdl file for you

also you need the .smd plugin for 3d program too

And if it’s an OBJ, you’re gonna need to manually rig it. OBJs don’t have any bone structures or weighting. Unless you like having a permanently T-posed character.

The compiler can actually process OBJs natively. As long as it’s a static model you don’t have to convert to SMD.