how do i increase the view distance underwater?

my map is a naval based one. almost all water. it needs to be submarine friendly but the view underwater is very short sighted.

is there any way i can increase the FOV underwater without switching to the “cheap” water textures?

Change the under water material’s parameter for fogend

Simple questions like this can go to the megathread.

how can i do that? i cant find anything about how to do it on the VDC

You just need to edit the vmt of the material you want. You can extract it from the gcf and make changes. just remember to rename it and package it with the map when you release it.

thanks again dude

It’s plaintext so just open with your favorite notepad editor. Also, be sure to rename the vmt, so you don’t get conflicts.

the only issue is, when i want to upload it to the workshop and people download it, will i have to upload the custom vmt with it?

You can use tools like pakrat to pack the vmt in with the bsp.

youre very experienced with map making arent you?