How do I install addons?

Long story short, I allowed my son to install this mod… now he keeps downloading files… - ZIP archive, unpacked size 7,728,201 bytes
I extract it… but I do not know where I am suppose to put the files? Do I just put the entire folder somewhere? Do I have to put specific files in certain spots etc…
we have added alot to add ons and nothing shows up in game… any help is appreciated

Addons folder.

Steamapps>USERNAME>Garry’s Mod>Garrysmod>Addons

Yep thats it. Just curious but do you have a Vista laptop running a 32 bit os?

No, it is a desktop with windows xp… I extracted the files to that folder… go into the game and nothing shows up, not the maps, teletubbies, weapons… nothing, and we extracted alot to that exact folder? Any input appreciated


If there’s a folder in the .rar file called “garrysmod” the just extract it to


and click yes if it asks to overwrite.

Yeah i was just wondering because I’ve seen one other post where someone is using the same hardware as me and playing gmod. But I can’tplay it as you’ll read in my other post.

I do not see any additional rar files… for example, I extract the teletubbies for him… to the addon folder and it contains teletubbies_npc_player_v2 folder, inside that there is 4 folders, materials, settings, models, lua and 2 text files and 1 jpg…

go into the game, nothing is there…
thx for your time

Extract all of those folders (materials, settings, models, lua, etc)



click yes when prompted to overwrite.

Also, if there is a text file inside of the folder called, “Info.txt” or something of the like, it means it’s supposed to go in addons. And it can be helpful to read a readme if one comes with the mod.

hmm, so I went into winrar and extracted to the folder again… instead of dragging and dropping… some things are not working, but there is quite a few new things showing up now.

Yea, I tried reading the texts… but it was gibberish…

You don’t have to read the text. You only have to look at the name :stuck_out_tongue:

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