How do I install custom textures for Garry' Mod mapping for Hammer?

I’ve tried placing them in the materials folder and adding garrysmod.fgd to the Tools>Options menu. Still won’t show up in the browser.

I have no idea what to do.

If you’re talking about brush textures (walls, ceilings, floors), the VMTs’d need this string:

"%keywords" [string]

(Replace string with something you can easily think of, like “brick”)

So, I need to do this with EVERY texture? :V

This is HighDEF’s Mass Effect pack by the way.

FGD only contains entity data, so for this instance is useless. Drop the textures into materials and ensure that the file path in the texture file is correct.

Yes the file path is correct, and searching the keyword specified in the vmt doesn’t bring it up either.

This is my Game Configurations for Garry’s Mod

It’s a bit redundant but I just made a source mod and dropped the content of all the games I have mounted on garry’smod into it’s root directory and map with that sdk configuration. Only using a few fdgs, just what I need for basic source logic entities and such. It’s not set up to launch with garry’smod though, although I don’t imagine that would be very hard.

In Build Programs link the game exe to the one in garrysmods folder. Yes it will be hl2.exe.

Ok, well now the textures show up in the browser but my Hammer Editor looks like this…

I can’t create new brushes or anything.

I believe that’s from using an incorrect source version.

I think Hammer is really fucked up now, I’m missing some toolbar stuff… I think I’ll try for a clean install and start from scratch again

Ok, I’ve started back from scratch… what exactly do I need to do for Garry’s Mod content? I am confused.

Maybe this will help you out a bit.

Oh, and I don’t think you need to make a garry’s mod configuration. I think all it really has extra is a few entities.

Sorry, that didn’t really help me. I’ve tried placing it in the garry’s mod materials again, it still fails to work.

Which engine branch were you using for hammer when you got the big black windows with no grids?

2009 > Then a Garry’s Mod preset thing I made

Is the path in the .VMT correct?

Solved, I made a Garry’s Mod preset for the Source MP engine. If anyone else needs help, PM me.

Thanks to everyone who tried.