how do i install eisode two content? please help!

hi there i want somebody to help me installing episode two content into my garrysmod 10.
like the npc’s the props and all the stuff… please help i need those! PLEASE!!!

You need to own Episode 2 on the same account that you own Garry’s Mod. Install EP2 and the content should be available to you in GMod.

make sure episode two has been ran on your computer at least once and as far as i know its content should appear when you run gmod next

Do this as well.

i’ll try:)

I love how everyone here forgot about MOUNTING THE GAME. lol
To mount it, go into gmod settings in the main menu and check the check box next to HL2: Episode 2. Restart gmod and it should all be there.

go into gmod settings then it says games or something then check the box for ep2

okay i did that but nothing changed…:S