How do i install gmod tower accessories to my pointshop?

i was wondering how would i install these items to my servers pointshop?

ive seen lots of servers with them but im not quite sure how i would add them. please try and explain in terms that id be able to understand


i know what the link is and i have had it downloaded for a while, just not sure how to add it to my server

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i added it to my server addons folder and nothing happened

  1. /garrysmod/lua/autorun/server/FastDL.lua
  2. In that FastDL.lua file, include resource.AddWorkshop(“148215278”)
  3. make sure you have the above addon included in the Steam Collection that the server is pulling the workshop from. To do this, go to /garrysmod/cfg/autoexec.cfg and include host_workshop_collection “your_workhop_collection_id”
  4. reboot server

Should work. That’s how I add workshop addons. And i’ve used this addon in the past, but removed it because was too much going on

Extract the point shop files into the hats folder, not just the addons folder. Also don’t use workshop dl, use fast dl.