How do I install Gmow?

i have download the 2 packages, and have placed them in the addons folder, yet they don’t appear?

have you read the readme if there is one?

I think an update broke Gmow, as well as Vmod and a lot of other vehicle packs.

Sorry. :frowning:

What is gmow anyway?
And stop making threads like “cant install blah blah blah”
Try to read readme’s

Use the Huge vehicle pack instead. Gmow doesn’t work anymore.

Well i tryed the huge vehicle pack. MOST OF THE MODELS DON’T APPEAR TO ME WHICH ARE INVISIBLE AND WHEN I ENTER IT I GET BLACK SCREEN ! Help please :frowning:

You installed it wrong?

How the hell did i install it wrong ? Well i can see some of the cars but not the ones in the Gmow section