How do i install other game models into gmod

Hello .
Sometimes i want to make simple ports of some skins or models of L4D1 , maybe 2 too , i tried copying and pasting the models and materials folders carefully but all i can do after that is spawn an invisible ragdoll . Does anyone know what do i have to do ?

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I put this on steam foruns too to maximize profit , but a guy understood as a ilegal thing , i don’t know why but i do own L4D1 , 2 and Garry’s mod on steam

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Anyway, go to your gmod main menu and click ‘extensions’. You will find another buton on the side saying ‘game content’. Click on the L4D or L4D2 thingo, and your l4d models will be loaded the next time you start up gmod.
If you mean custom models, you’ll have to hex that yourself. A quick google search will teach you how.
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I checked your steam profile. you said LFD2 Sucks…

Dwarfoverlord has your answer.

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Yea , custom models thanks for telling me what to do . And if i say l4d2 sucks doesn’t mean i can’t create tragical deaths for l4d2 survivors :smiley:

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Aaaand since valve did that thing of putting l4d1 survivors and campaigns into l4d2 , people create way more skins and models for l4d1 survivors and they just dont port it to l4d1