How do I install/run GMod?

I bought Garrys Mod off of Steam. I got it, but, how do I play it? :open_mouth: It said i can click a link to install it, but i lost the link. I NEED HELP!!!

Open up steam, open up the my games tab and open up garrys mod from there.

:o thanksssssssss

no problem

waait im using a mac too. will that help? it also says Steam needs an appliscation to load in

Use Wine, Crossovergames or run Windows in Bootcamp to use Steam on a Mac

You have Steam installed right? It’s pretty easy - infact it normally downloads the game straight after buying it.

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I dont think a mac should matter. Im not using a mac so i dont need an app. (it should not need an app anyway.)

yeah it says it is purchased and i installed steam, but it says it needs a application and i do not have Wine, Crossovergames or run Windows in Bootcamp




its easy but i just lost the link that says i need to install garrys mod onto.

Try to install the wine, crossovergames, or run windows.

ok lemme just tell you the whole thing. I downloaded the games and they r purchased. it had a link that said to click so i can install garrys mod and half life 2. i clicked it but it only turned into a link that said open//mygames or something. i just want that link again so i can install my ggames.

They should be uninstalled on your game tab in steam. That is where you are supposed to install them.

yeah, tats wat u heard. i just dont know where my games tab is. is it the place where it shows ur purchased games?


i meant thats wat i heard

Log into steam and see where it says: store, community, my games my media, and tools?

Click on “my games” and then it should open up

If you still dont get it, i will show you a picture.

My games is not in the bar, mine only has Home | What is Steam? | Community | News | Cyber Cafes | Forums | Support | Stats

Oh i see. You are on the website.
The app that they were talking about is this: download it:

That is where all of the good stuff is.

yeah this is the thing i downloaded. here ill make a video about wat my computer is doing


ahg it wont make a video but wat t is doing is it downloads but its always a blank page. it is reli annoying. and once i open the document. it says it needs an application to open in

Steam does not have native support for mac. The steam software (Which is needed to download the games) was only coded for Windows, as well as the games.