How do I install spacebuild?

How do i install spacebuild? I tryed the svn thing but like none of the links work!?!?!

You need an SVN client.

i like this one

Snake has put all the new SVN links on the homepage

Here this where you can find all of them straight from the guy himself:

Gmod 13 Spacebuild and SBEP SVN\Git\Zip

  1. Install SVN (Use TortoiseSVN)

  2. Go to your addons folder and make a new folder called spacebuild

  3. Right click and go down to SVN Checkout.

  4. Enter in the URL field

  5. Once it is done down loading , rename “info” to “addon”

I think that’s it…

And to install SBEP do the same except use instead, and you don’t have to rename info to addon since it is already changed.

Yeah, mine way was a little brief. This is pretty much it.