How do I install SWEPS and Ragdolls?

When I download ragdolls and SWEPS, I don’t know where to extract them to with Winrar. How do I?

C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/YOUR USERNAME/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons

Everything goes in there except gamemodes, then it’s gamemodes not addons.



Where do I extract NPC’s though?

same place as the sweps,ragdolls etc but gamemodes dont go in it

I extracted the jihad bomb SWEP, and the RE monster pack to the addons but I can’t find them in gmod, what should I do?

hang on, im having a Similar problem, so every thing but gamemodes goes into addons?
do i have to go to browse to find new ragdolls?

edit: the npc works, but i cant find the rag doll.

Certain things don’t but there will be a readme with those.

most the time it just says C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/YOUR USERNAME/garrysmod/garrysmod.
does that mean i put it in the gmod folder its self?

Aye, it will have folders called “materials” and maybe some other stuff but yeah basically.

Just tell me where to extract themto and how to find them in game. Also how do you spawn a strider NPC

They ain’t in it by default, you gotta install the mod.

You have to get the “more combine” mod.

OK now the only way u will know if a file or folder goes in the addons folder is if u double click the mod u have win rar will open and it should say addons as the folder name if not it will say garrysmod on it, then have the addons folder in it. u can also know if its goes in the addon folder if u open the readme in the folder or where the files are and it will say “ADDON INFO” then has all this symbols under that.