How do I install this?

and this

I also need help installing just normal downloads…Like when there’s an addons folder in your download, do you move the folder that says addons into the addons folder, the folders inside the addons folder, or what? And the in some mods, inside the addons folder, there are materials folders, and a lua folder, do i move the lua folder into the lua folder, or with the addons folder. lol, i’m stupid at this. If anybody can make/knows a video where somebody moves the folders into the correct gmod folder?

I’m sorry, but I’m new to this. If you could be so kind, please don’t yell at me because I’m being a noob or something.

If in the download it says ‘addons’, merge it into your Garrysmod/garrysmod folder. If it ONLY has lua, materials, then do the same thing. It will ask you if you want to replace the file. Depending on what you’re using, do whatever to merge and replace any files with the same name.

If in the download it says just the name of your addon, and inside that file there’s all you files (lua, materials, etc) AND an info.txt file, just throw it into you addons folder.

Hope I helped. I know how you feel.

Ok, I think I got it, sort of… lol


Omg, thank you!

It works!

Thank you!

Ok, I still have some trouble instaling

It doesn’t have an addons file or anything. I think you’ll have to download it to help. I’m not sure though, lol

Read the readme.

If you are an idiot clap your hands

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lol, I thought I did before. thanks =)

Edit: I did do that before. Hopefully it’ll work this time

my addons dont show up on my gmod. i added them in the right way like every video tells you to but they still dont work

So you need a video?

Post some addons you’ve tried to install.