How do I keep this fat bastard together?

Lovely, lovely modbridge- allows us to quickly, efficiently, and enjoyably assemble a neat looking spacebuild ship without it looking like the ever common, giant minge-ships consisting of medbridge/slyfo pieces easywelded together in a predictable fashion, then posted on Youtube and with a name like “MY SUPER-CARRIER USS HELL TALON PLZ DL”.

The downside? It’s easy to get carried away, and the results can be lagtastic.

A prime example can be seen with my currently unnamed, unfinished cruiser-weight ship- though the basic design is done, I’ve yet to figure out a maneuvering system (thrusters, gyropod, applyforce, etc), I’ve yet to add smaller details (greebles and whatnot), and most importantly, I’m still trying to figure out a way to keep it constrained.

Parenting (by use of the Superparent-Multi tool) was my first and most obvious strategy- since Superparent allows props to maintain some physical properties, like being able to walk on them, it was ideal: It didn’t quite work, as it ended up wobbling and pitching uncontrollably, especially when walking around inside it.

My second idea was to section it off- first, smart-constrain all the interior pieces (relatively few), then parent all the exterior pieces to the interior section they’re connected to. That didn’t quite work either, as the structure sagged and was unstable.

TL;DR: Not sure how to keep this thing stably held together while lagging as little as possible. Any possible hints out there?

1 word: Parenting

Edit: I see you tried that. I don’t see why it would wobble uncontrollably. You obviously did something wrong, as parented entities never wobble (unless their parent wobbles).

One thing I might try is tinkering with the weight of the parented objects, as well as the parent itself- originally I left all other entities at their default weight, and maxed out the weight of the parent.

One possible problem is that I overlooked something while parenting, and that rogue, “bastard” entity (unparented) was causing it. Then again, the ship managed to settle down after being placed in zero-g, but violently pitched when I set foot inside.

Make all props-to-be-parented weigh 1, and make the main prop which you will parent them to weigh 50k

The ship should not wobble at all after being parented, as parenting removes all physics and collisions etc except with players.

Thanks, I’ll try that- I’ll get back to you once I figure out whether or not it works.

Tried it- it holds together, but walking around inside is difficult in zero-G because the weight of a player alone is enough to throw it off balance. I’ll come up with some preventative measures- thanks anyway.