How do I kick people with special characters in their name? Admin tips?

My server is starting to get really popular, so a lot of hackers are starting to turn up. It seems as though if the person has Chinese characters in their name, they don’t show in their steam profile so I’m not exactly sure how to teleport to them to see if they’re hacking. I’m not sure how to kick them either. Even when I look at “status” their name is blank. I’ve been using banid “steamid64” to ban them, is this the correct method? Any tips would be appreciated!

I use the Rusty rcon program, no one can hide from you with this…

use status in console, kick their steam ID.

I second Rusty. Search for it on the forum. You wont be sorry you did!

What I do is open their profile, then copy the name and just paste it in the console.

Or just ban people with special characters in their names.

and seriously I may sound racist but I am apparently the only ones with enough balls to say it; why does every damn Korean have an aimbot? Either that or they have full mouse sensitivity and are able to slow down time.

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nevermind that is probably it

I will go into the steam overlay, click on the button that lets you see players on the server with you, click on their name and then copy the name from the profile. Paste after /ban and boom, your done.

They also conveniently know English and are fully able to change it. ITs not racist at all most of these players are from north America or Europe anyways.

Maybe on those servers. Not on the servers here in East Asia. The server I’m on most often has Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Australians, Russians, New Zealanders and so on. I use Chinese in my name (in addition to the Latin spelling) because it helps new users from different places find someone on the server that speaks their language. We’ve got a group of core users that speak multiple languages and help the noobs in those languages.

We hate the guys running hacks as much as anyone. But banning anyone with a non-“standard” character in their name isn’t a good approach, especially if there are other ways to deal with it. Otherwise some Danish guy comes on with an ø in his name and now he can’t connect?

On asian servers, I’d ban names with English characters. :expressionless:

Yeah, you heard me. Freakin cracker hackers.

One good turn deserves another!

This will help you spell any weird language name.

They’re instantly kicked from my server.

I get kicked from almost all oxide servers due to chinese letters in my name. Why would you do that? Imagine the chinese would ban everyone that smell like burgers?

I would pay money to see that implemented.

You can alt tab and view their name from the recent players list, then copy their profile link into to get their 64bit steam id

Type status in console and get their 64bit id then ban it

Or just one rusty rcon and do a two click ban/kick (they also save properly to ban.cfg)

There’s an Oxide addon to auto kick them