How do I link my "mysql Database" to my gameserver?

I just uploaded my root file to my database, and i created all my tables ect. for the database. Now my gamemode needs that database in order for it to work, so how can i link it to the server?

You will need this module first of all. There are some examples on the post also but they are very “sloppy”, post here if you can’t figure out stuff or would like help.

i understand it sort of, but i am totally lost when it comes to lua. Could you possibly help me with team-viewer?

I actually have something setup that makes it alot easier to run querys, I will pm you with it and some examples.

Edit: Or if your not looking to learn I could whip it all up for you.

lol, whipping it up sounds better right now, i have been at this for around a couple days now, i just want to get it done and working.

PM me the features you would like, if your using this for bans, I would suggest the gatekeeper module also.

you should add me on steam, prolly make it easier.

Resolved, please close this thread.