How Do I lua At all?

Hello, First off I’d like to thank everyone for trying to help me at all, even if it didn’t help :wink:
So I can’t find any tutorials out there, and well please don’t post a like to Wiki or some shit like that. I would like a strait up tutorial or a post here.
I just would like to know how to make something like a Running SWEP that makes me look like I run? I don’t know how and I would like to learn how to know how to make a goremod (this is NOT a request) how would I put in my own textures and shit.

I thank you for your time.

I can guarantee you, that piece of shit Wiki is the best and certainly the most comprehensive guide to GLua that exists today.

j89’s getting started tutorial is an excellent beginner’s guide.

Given by the fact that you used “lua” as a verb, I’m going to assume you probably don’t know Lua, if any programming languages. If you are unfamiliar with programming, it’s going to take a while to be able to do much. Is this the case?

Also, making SWEPs and using player animations is a little complicated, particularly for a beginner. A goremod would be much beyond your capabilities. Start out small, get bigger. If you were really determined, you could try editing the existing Goremod. Editing current Lua scripts is a good way of learning the language.

the way i started was making small console commands that would print to console , then i changed that to changing player sizes client side , then it went from that to setting up my own server and making a hole gamemode for it, well , that how i got from being a beginer , anyway , good luck :smiley:

sorry mate, get reading if you want to learn anything

The way I started learning was from Youtube. I watched Humblesnurp’s tutorials, which are here:

Also, another good tutorial for making a health bar in the HUD is:
Part 1 -
Part 2 -

If you want to add that HUD to a gamemode, just put it in cl_init and start your gamemode in GMod.

Once you watch those, start looking at gamemode hooks and other hooks on the wiki. It helps, trust me.

Wow, Thank you everyone you really did help. But I do code just not lua I can code Visual Basics.

Visual Basic*

And what do you mean by “I can code Visual Basics.” ?
You can make a window with a button, or you can actually do advanced stuff?

Never-mind well I can Lua now so thank you

That fast?


I don’t want to flame…but this guy is a dumbass :stuck_out_tongue: Or he doesn’t speak/understand English well.

I Lol’d

I would assume that he isn’t a native English-speaker. He doesn’t have any sense of grammar, and he spells better than most people tend to.

On topic: Use the wiki. It works.

Did he just learn Lua in 15 hours?

Never, ever claim you know the language before you know the reference manual inside out.
Pil is a nice starting point, but it does not cover it all.
The lua-users wiki is also a nice read.

I believe so.