How do I make 2 doors open when I use one of them?

Making a bunker door and want both doors to open when u use only one of them.

You can either use the invisible tool and make it a func_button that’s set to ‘passable’ in the flag section outputting both doors to open when pressed or
set both of the door’s outputs when opening, to open the opposite door next to it.
You’ll need to name the 2 doors of course though.

door1 output: OnOpen door2 Open <delay 0>
door2 output: OnOpen door1 Open <delay 0>

Ty, got it to work :slight_smile:

EDIT: Its a bit delayed and closing doesnt work.

This worked perfectly, only one thing, there isnt a flag called passable on the func_buttons…

Then put a trigger_once on top of the trap (or multiple if it should working more than once).
OnStartTouch door Open <delay=0> (name both door the same)
If you use a trigger_multiple, add this:
OnStartTouch !self Disable <delay=0.1>

To reset the trap:
OnStartTouch door Close <delay=what you want>
OnStartTouch !self Enable <delay=what you want+0.1>

Use “invisible” texture on func_button