How do I make a "complete" ragdoll entity

Hi, I want to make a ragdoll entity so that I can put derma menus and stuff into it for scavenging and stuff like that, if you didn’t get what I just said, it doesn’t matter lol

Ok, so basically, how would I make a ragdoll entity with a cl_init.lua, shared.lua, and init.lua, in better terms, what would I put in the files to make it a ragdoll, with collision and stuff, and which file would I put it in

How much ram are you using up?

Here, read this

Thats not what I need, I want to make a ragdoll entity so I can spawn it when I want by only putting ents.Create(ragdoll) or whatever, I want to make a ragdoll entity that can go in the lua/entities/ folder

Well you can’t do that.

Sure you can =/ I want to make an ent that mas the model of a ragdoll, and has the physics of a ragdoll, and all that good stuff.

Well you can’t.

Why not…

Do you mean like the system TTT has in place for when a player dies? (The victims body remains and when the activator uses the body, they get that menu)

Because garry hasn’t made it so you can.

I’m trying to do something similar to that, and ralle, it’s possible you make the entity’s model the ragdoll, add in the bone collision stuff and physics and solid type, but I dont know which lol

You can do all that but you can’t get the joint limits, so you’d have knees going the wrong way and shit.

-_- if you cant, then how do you make this ragdoll accept the use input: (I think its too long to put here)

EDIT: I think I might have this resolved…coding

Your best bet is to try and hook in to the **[Gamemode.PlayerUse](** hook and check if the entity is one of those ragdolls.