How do i make a custom ULX command to run other ULX commands?

I want to create a ULX command to make it much easier to bind etc, for example, how would i make one command run “Ulx freeze *” and “ulx unfreeze *” at the same time?

Not entirely sure. But I do think that ULX cannot force a command into a users console.

So… Impossible.

(I only think because most of the RCON stuff in ULX doesnt work (OR Im doing it wrong (One more bracket seption because I can(Im done…))))

Why on earth would you want to run ulx freeze * and ulx unfreeze * at the same time?

I think he means a toggle maybe?

You can run multiple commands at once separating them with semi-colons, assuming you’re talking about doing this in console.

bind <key> "<first command>; <second command>"